We are still in the planning stages to offer a new version of the Maine Lodge of Research Transactions. 'Transaction' is the term research lodges use in reference to their publishing output which might be a one-off publication or a periodical 


We have been collecting essays by Maine Masons on various aspects of Masonry and begins a new era for Maine Masonry and the Maine Lodge of Research. We don't know where we will go after this, but we see this as the beginning of a new publishing era for the Lodge.


Please see our Write For Us page to find out more. The direction of future publications will be determined by the writings submitted to us, so we welcome your work as we let you help us mold the future.

Being that we are still in the editorial phase of this new publication please check back for more information including the title, contents, cost and distribution information. Lodge members not in attendance will receive information via the Trestleboard.