In December 2017 the Maine Lodge of Research will release a new publication. The deadline for submissions for this current publication has passed, but the door is now open for submissions for our next publication from both Lodge members and non-members. So, please continue to send us your work. We also welcome members who may be hestitant to share in a book but would like to share on this website. Or, maybe you can have your work shared in both outlets. Whatever you or whatever your goals have please contact us to find out what we're doing and how we can share your work. 


Please submit all publishing questions and submissions to our secretary Brother Richard Bowden. Click here to e-mail him at [email protected]Our mailing address is 32 Clewleyville Road, Eddington, ME 04428-3024 .


(Photo: Past Master Lorne Urquhart holding up a copy of the legendary flaming sword, today kept alive via the Tyler's Sword. Worshipful Urquehart is a prolific writer of Masonic history.) 

Submission Guidelines

We apologize for this extensive list, but hope that this covers any question you may have:



  • Submissions welcomed from any member of the Grand Lodge of Maine, including non-members of the Maine Lodge of Research; and from any Brother that is a member of any Grand Lodge in North America recognized and in fraternal relations with the Grand Lodge of Maine.
  • Members do not have to be a member or Fellow of any Masonic research society or lodge or like organization.
  • Submissions welcomed from E.A., F.C. and M.M..
  • Writers will never have to appear physically or via call/video at any Publication Committee meeting or Lodge stated.
  • Writers do not have to be professional or published authors.
  • Joint authorship is welcomed as long as both writers are Masons.


  • Any writing topic is welcomed. It does not have to be Maine related, but it must be Masonry related.
  • Original work only. The only exception is submitting work by a relative who was a Maine Mason and has passed to the Celestial Lodge.
  • Accompanying images and/or graphics welcomed. We prefer a high-quality jpg, though we have a good scanner if you should need to physically mail something to us. We will return all documents if requested.
  • Any page length is welcomed. Lengthy articles will be looked at for abbreviation on an individual basis based on space issues and number of other submissions for publications. There is no limit for web submissions.


  • Any style of writing is welcomed.
  • Please include citations, bibliography, footnotes, etc..
  • As a Lodge we encourage usage of the Style Guide of 'The Quarry Project II: Masonic Research and Preservation Conference'. This is the first style guide created exclusively for Masonic writers. See below for more about this and a copy of their Style Guide is at the bottom of this page to download. Please format your writing with these guidelines in mind, but we won't exclude submissions that follow a different format.
  • Please submit in .doc or Word format or some similiar universal format. Please avoid pdf files as in the cut/paste process there might be formatting errors. We also prefer not to receive handwritten or physical papers, but will understand if you prefer traditional means of writing.


  • All authors will be provided a complimentary copy of any publication which contains their work. 
  • Publications are under a collective copyright by the Maine Lodge of Research. Authors retain rights to their individual works.
  • The officers of the Lodge randomly choose articles to appear on this website based on publishing timelines and submissions. Articles may be posted or taken down without notice.
  • Previously published articles or articles being published elsewhere are welcomed, but please let us know where and when. This will not exclude your submission for consideration and will be looked at on an individual basis. We prefer writings that aren't being simultaneously published elsewhere or were just recently published. Both of those situations may pose a conflict of interest with the other publication.
  • Authors will be notified about publication dates, posting on the web, etc., and are welcomed to communicate with us during the process for updates, changes to text, questions.

All editorial and publishing work is done in-house under the watch of the presiding Master and the Publication Committee. Activities are also shared before the Lodge for further discussion. Members of the Publication Committee include young and old (age and tenure) Masons, a diverse array of research interests, and formal publishing and sales experience in Masonic and non-Masonic publications. We believe our efforts reflect not just the Lodge but the Maine Masonic community and take it seriously. No non-members of the Lodge are involved, but new members are welcomed to join the effort.

Quarry Project Style Guide

The Quarry Project is an effort to establish consistent style for North American Masonic writing, whether it be for periodicals, books or websites. The guide gives direction on source citation, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, numbers, abbreviations, quotations, tables, figures and formatting. It is based on "Chicago Style", as presented by Kate L. Turbian in her book A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 8th. Ed.


You can find out more by clicking here for the Quarry Project's official website.


The following periodicals, publishers and organizations support the use of the Style Guide, as recorded on the Quarry Project website:

  • The Journal of the Masonic Society
  • The Scottish Rite Journal
  • Heredom: The Transactions Of The Scottish Rite Research Society
  • Knight Templar Magazine
  • Cornerstone Book Publishers (Louisiana)
  • Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply (Virginia)
  • Masonic Information Center of the Masonic Service Association (Maryland)
  • Masonic Library and Museum Association (Pennsylvania)
  • Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research U.D. of Indiana
  • Maine Lodge of Research
  • Lodge of Research of New Mexico
  • Pennsylvania Lodge of Research
  • Collegivm Lvminosvm Rhose Island Lodge of Research
Download the Style Guide (4 pages)
Adobe Acrobat Document 447.7 KB